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Dr. Brown graduated from University of California, Berkeley with a bachelors in Integrative Biology.  He completed his medical degree at an Osteopathic Medical school; Western University of Health Sciences in Lebanon, OR. There he received the "Patch Adam's Award" from his colleagues.  Dr. Brown completed his residency in Psychiatry at Loyola University in Chicago.  There he received awards for positive patient feedback and research.

Nicholas Brown, DO
Board Certified Psychiatrist


Dr. Brown has been recognized by colleagues for being a strong patient advocate.  He is the son of a psychiatrist and psychiatric nurse.  Originally he thought Emergency Medicine would be his calling.  Once he recognized that psychiatric issues were frequently not addressed adequately in the medical field the decision to pursue psychiatry became clear.  


His training has included: medication management, psychotherapy, trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapy, addiction treatment, battle field acupuncture, osteopathic manipulative treatment, ketamine assisted psychotherapy, electroconvulsive therapy, and transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) therapy.  His research focus and Grand Rounds presentation as a 4th year resident was on psilocybin assisted psychotherapy.  Once legalized Dr. Brown plans on offering this modality as a treatment due to substantial data supporting its efficacy and safety.  Dr. Brown includes dual medication management and psychotherapy for all patients he sees.  Basic lab work is completed to ensure no physiologic issues are compounding or causing psychiatric conditions.  Support and guidance on vitamin supplementation, diet and exercise strategies provided as appropriate. 

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