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Alzheimer's disease is very difficult to manage and more difficult to endure.  Medications which are FDA approved for the condition are not generally very helpful for improving symptoms.  Some of the best evidence for improving symptoms have been found by Dr. Dale Bredeson through this use of his protocol.  Dr. Brown has completed the RECODE training program and can help with implementation and management.  The protocol is essentially a functional medicine approach to Alzheimer's disease.  It is organized around an advance laboratory workup to look for underlying causes of Alsheimer's.  The Bredeson Protocol has determined that there are 5 main underlying causes of Alzheimer's and individualized treatment plans are created based on laboratory results.  All treatment plans include changes of diet and introduction of exercise.  Most include brain training games which need to be completed by patients on a regular basis.   Individualized supplement regimens are also considered but remain a secondary treatment modality for most.  

Full participation in the Bredeson Protocol requires an active subscription to the outside program.  Linked here: The Science Of Alzheimer's Prevention - Apollo Health (

Dr. Brown's role includes ordering and interpreting lab results, structuring individualized treatment plans and referring to specialists if specific underlying conditions/causes are identified (i.e Lyme disease, heavy metal toxicity, sleep apnea.)

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